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Hand, Foot & Mouth disease in Singapore; what you should know

17 Jan 2018

You live in Singapore with kids or planning to move here? Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is common in Singapore due to its warm weather. In order for you to limit the risk of infection, detect the sickness and know what to do in case of contamination, let’s go through what you should know about the disease.

Hand, Foot & Mouth disease (or HFMD), childhood sickness on the radar of Singapore Health Authority

Although this disease can affect kids and adults, kids under 10 are most likely to catch HFMD. It is characterized by blisters on hand, foot and mouth, hence its name.

The disease spreads by person-to-person contact with an infected person’s saliva, nasal secretions, dirty hands or respiratory droplets sprayed into the air after a cough or sneeze.

Your focus is to find learning activities for your kids. Like other families in Singapore, you take them to Paragon, Garden by the bay waterplay, Marina Cove or one of the incredible playground that Singapore has to offer, but also malls, childcare, schools or your condo’s swimming pool. All these areas are lot of fun! Kids get to play together and get closed, a good opportunity for the infection to spread from kids to kids. The infection can be fast! This is why, it is good to be aware of the risk, so you can teach your kids to have a good hygiene when they visit these places. In any case, a good daily hygiene like frequent hand wash can limit contagious risks!

How to detect your child may have HFMD?

In addition to blisters on hand, foot and mouth, Hand foot and mouth sickness may cause sore throat, fever, mouth ulcer, blisters or red rash on hand palms, soles foot or sometimes the buttocks, irritability and loss of appetite.

What to do in case of contamination?

In case of infection or if you have a doubt, it is highly recommended that you visit your GP. Remember that a thorough hygiene can help limit the infection.

The incubation period is 3 to 5 days. The most common complication of HFMD is dehydration. The sore throat symptom making swallowing painful and difficult, therefore your child may be reluctant to drink.

Note that, in Singapore, Doctors and schools have to alert the Minister of Health in case of contamination. Because Hand Foot Mouth Disease is highly contagious, contaminated kids have to stay away from childcare or school until fever has gone and mouth sores have healed.

More rarely complications can involve the brain and heart. Growing up in Singapore, it is likely that your child get Foot, Hand, Mouth, disease. Although the complications are really rare, it is good to keep in mind they exist. It is better to know the risks to be keep an eye on it in case of contamination.



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