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6 ways to enjoy sport for free in Singapore

02 Mar 2018

There are definitely many options to enjoy sport in Singapore that you would be tempted to try them all. However, this can quickly become quite expensive. In a city with so many options to get fit, even people who don’t want to spend too much money on exercising can find what they are looking for! Here are 6 ways to enjoy sport for free in SG:

1) Take advantage of Singapore’s nature

Singapore has so much to offer in terms of parks and nature! Especially since the city has planned on becoming a “City in a Garden” in a near future.

One of the best nature getaway to run or to hike is definitely the Macritchie Reservoir Park. You can also rent a kayak and canoe in the park. The reservoir offers a large variety of activities for any nature-loving person. The park allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A good hike is the Treetop walk which is worth the detour as it allows you to have a view of the forest canopy from a suspension bridge.




Another trail that is a great way to enjoy Singapore’s nature while hiking or running is the Southern Ridges. The 10 km of trail offers one of the best panoramic views of Singapore. It’s also gives you the possibility to observe a wide range of flora and fauna. Don’t miss the Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore!

A great way to run, walk or cycle through the parks Singapore has to offer is to use the Park Connector Network. The local government has put into place a website that proposes various loops all over the Little Red Dot.This is the perfect way to stay fit by using the countless parks as much as possible.

Being an island, Singapore has many possibilities to enjoy open water swimming. One of the best spots to practice it is around the East Coast especially near Marina Cove where various facilities like showers for swimmers are available.


2) Enjoy Singapore’s amenities

The state of Singapore has created and installed so many sports fields or facilities to practice sport all over the Little Red Dot. Even though quite a few require you to pay, you still have the possibility to use some for free.

Another great way to enjoy sport for free in Singapore, but this time as a team sport, is the volleyball courts at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island. They are free to use but work on a first come first served basis so be sure to arrive early if you want a  chance to play.

The 100Plus Promenade is a 888m sheltered running and cycling track located at National Stadium. Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it gives any runner the occasion to practice under any circumstances.  Especially when you know how the weather can be in Singapore as it is fully covered.

To enjoy the high-quality amenities the city has to offer, check out the Sport Hub. It offers workouts such as Zumba, Cardio or even Yoga classes that are conducted by qualified trainers. The sessions are held near 100Plus Promenade and the Sports Hub Lawn Bowls. It’s free, you will find the schedule and the link for registration here.

 3) Meetup groups

Another option is to gather with people who are also interested to do sport. Meetup is the perfect website to share your passion of sports with other people around Singapore. Yoga, running sessions, bootcamp… Meetup offers a large range of possibilities, here is a short selection :

In addition of groups, you can also check events directly in the Meetup toolbar.

4) Mall workouts

Have you ever thought about the possibility of going shopping and working out at the same place? With the Mall workouts promoted by the Health Promoting Malls, that is finally possible. These malls offer a large variety of opportunities like events and facilities in order to improve health and wellbeing. They propose kickboxing, zumba, KpopX Fitness, K-Kardio, etc… A good way to stay fit while enjoying some relaxing shopping!


5) Check out the Facebook events

Many Facebook events in Singapore are organized to help people around the Little Red Dot to stay fit. Just check out the closest events around you to find them out. Some common organizers are Lululemon and The French BootCamp  who plan free events where anybody who is eager to do sports can participate.  


6) Not free but not too expensive and definitely worth it: Active SG

You can apply for an Active SG pass here which will allow you to book different types of courts all around Singapore: squash, tennis table, badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis and so many others.

The prices depend on the activity, the time, and your status (PR resident, Singaporean or standard) but for example, a squash court for one hour with a standard status during peak hours would cost you around 8$

The ActiveSG pass also allows you to subscribe to gym and swimming pool facilities for reasonable prices : $30/month for unlimited access to gym (you can check details here)


Here are all our suggestions to exercise in Singapore for free. Now, you have no more excuses to not stay fit! And if you live in a condo, you also have the possibility to enjoy the swimming pool, the sport amenities, tennis courts or gym room… 



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