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The maternity coverage in Singapore

14 May 2018

You wish to have a child in the near future in Singapore? However, this can represent a certain cost and will strongly influence your choice of health insurance! Thus, for your needs and your future newborn you need to be adapt your health insurance. Here are some key points to take into consideration when choosing your maternity coverage.

1) The waiting period

The waiting period is a defined period, generally from 10 to 12 months for the maternity coverages. During this period, your insurance won’t cover any expenses linked to your pregnancy. 

Let’s take an example. You subscribe to your health insurance with a maternity coverage on January 1st 2018. Your waiting period is of 12 months. 10 months later, on October 1st 2018, you realize that you are pregnant.

Between October 1st 2018 and January 1st 2019, all the medical expenses linked to your pregnancy, will not be reimbursed. For example, gynecologist consultations, ultrasound and any medical examinations related to your pregnancy. After January 1st 2019, the waiting period is over and you can start claiming your maternity expenses.  

Most of the insurance companies have a waiting period in order for pregnancy and delivery coverage to be effective. Don’t forget to take into account this waiting period of one year! To conclude, you should not try to improvise a pregnancy in Singapore.

If you subscribe to a maternity coverage at UEX, the waiting period is 12 months. This means that after these 12 months, you will be able to claim and will be reimbursed for expenses related to your pregnancy. It can be the complications or the pregnancy follow-up. Contact the UEX team to have more information on coverages without a waiting period.

2) How does a maternity coverage work in Singapore?

With UEX, you can only subscribe to a maternity coverage with our international insurance coverages. This means Base Plan 3 and 4.

In order to clearly understand your health insurance contract, you should know that there are two levels of maternity coverages. First of all, the routine check-ups and the delivery, then potential complications.

Please note that you cannot subscribe to a maternity coverage without a health insurance policy. Don’t forget to subscribe to your maternity coverage when you subscribe to your health insurance. Otherwise, you might need to wait for one year at renewal to subscribe to a maternity coverage.

A) Coverage of potential complications


As a maternity coverage can be quite expensive, an alternative solution exists. You can choose only to cover the complications linked to your pregnancy. They can occur before or during the delivery of your child. If you have to choose only one risk to cover, we would strongly recommend you to cover complications. As the financial impact may be the highest.

At UEX, you do not need to take a maternity coverage to cover any complications. The latter are covered by our Base Plan 3 and 4. They are our international health insurance policies that cover maternity complications after a waiting period of 365 days. On the contrary, the routine check-ups, delivery, selective caesarean delivery are not considered as a “risk” because they will happen. Our Base Plan 3 and 4 will cover these routine costs if no maternity coverage is chosen.

For your information, the following is a list of complications covered by our Base Plan 3 & 4:

B) Coverage for the pregnancy and the delivery

The maternity coverage covers your pregnancy check-ups (such as gynecologist consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds), the child delivery and post-delivery consultations and treatments.

At UEX, you must add the maternity coverage to your health insurance Base Plan 3 and 4. You can choose between two different levels of coverage:

Note: 15% co-payment are applied.

Your maternity coverage covers a “natural” delivery. A caesarean delivery is a little bit more tricky:

Your doctor is in charge to decide whether or not you require an emergency caesarean.

Note: with your UEX health insurance policy, a gynecologist is considered as a specialist. However, the ‘specialist consultation’ section on your coverage do not include consultations directly linked to the pregnancy. Only your maternity coverage will cover your post and prenatal consultations.

C) Coverage for the newborn

At UEX, the mother’s health insurance also covers the newborn. In case of complications related to the delivery, the health insurance covers the newborn and the mother. 

For the child to be covered, he/she must be added to a parent’s policy. In that case, it covers any healthcare the child receives right after birth . They are quite common for treatments for neonatal jaundice, colic, diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting. As such, we highly recommend to add your baby to your insurance plan within 30 days from birth. In that case, he/she will be correctly covered. 

For UEX, here is what you need to know for your newborn to be covered:

Please take into account that maternity coverage only cover “natural” pregnancies.


We have summarized the steps and different options in terms of maternity coverages. Planning a pregnancy can be a bit tricky, so try planning some time in advance to avoid any inconvenience. To help you make the best choice, we have written articles on the cost of childbirth in Singapore.


To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand, how your health insurance plans cover healthcare costs, you can approach UEX‘s happiness team by email or by phone for more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, you can obtain a quote for a health insurance contract customized to your needs and requirements – all in less than a minute!


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