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SME Summit, a huge success for this event on the SaaS revolution

29 Jun 2018

On June 21st, UEX organized its first SME Summit in partnership with AXA. More than 140 entrepreneurs attended our conference on the SaaS Revolution. This summit targeted SMEs in Singapore. It was a great occasion for them to listen to inspiring speakers and discover a real toolbox for SME services. This event took place at the Projector, a mythical cinema built in 1973 in the Little Red Dot.

During the first part of the SME summit, we listened to 3 inspiring speakers. Jean Drouffe, CEO of AXA Singapore, explained how the SaaS can help important stakeholders to collaborate with SMEs. Then, Greg Mittman, co-founder of MyRepublic, presented how his company succeeded in staying innovative despite its rapid growth. Finally, Wen Huang, Innovation Advisory at Amazon Web Services, explained how the Saas and a good organization can help companies in their development.

Jean Drouffe CEO of Axa Singapore

During the second part of the conference, the organizing partners presented their company in a 3-minute long pitch. This gave the audience the occasion to discover 7 innovative services for SMEs. These SaaS solutions for funding, managing legal documents, secretary services, insurance and others help SME’s managers in their day-to-day business.

To end this conference, Grégoire Rastoul, CEO of UEX, announced the creation of a new label, One Start SG. This label gathers services aimed at SMEs in order to help them start and grow their business in Singapore. You can check out all of these services here.

The summit ended with a cocktail where the participants could discuss on the future of their business in the Little Red Dot. To help grow their business, several booths of our partners were installed all around the foyer of the Projector. Our partners could, therefore, answer all of the participant’s questions and present their products.

SME Summit Cocktail : The revolution of SaaS

We would like to thank all of our One Start SG partners for their involvement in the success of this event and also AXA, the main sponsor of our SME Summit.

We hope to see you soon for more of thrilling events for SMEs in Singapore!

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