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Internship or exchange in Singapore : Did you take care of your health insurance?

01 Aug 2018

You’ve been accepted for an internship or an exchange program in Singapore? Welcome to the little red dot! You’ve probably already started all the administrative tasks to get your visa. There is another important point to consider when you start an abroad experience, it’s health insurance. How much does it cost and how to subscribe? We answer all your questions in this article.

Why subscribe to a health insurance for an internship or an exchange program?

In your home country, you may have a social security covering your health. But when you are abroad, as you are not a permanent resident, you will not be covered in Singapore. As a foreigner, you need to subscribe to private health insurance to be covered if you have any medical issues.

Healthcare is expensive in the city-state. A consultation to a General Practitioner is billed between $S50 and $S80, medecine included. The prices for hospitalisation are much more expensive. For example, an appendix surgery can reach up to $S20,000.

Moreover, most of the business school and universities will ask you a proof of insurance contract. It’s a mandatory condition to enrol an internship agreement or to allow a student to be admitted in the exchange program.

How to choose a coverage that fits your needs?

If it’s the first time you are living abroad, it’s probably the first time you need to think about your health insurance. As it’s not easy to compare between different offers, here are a few important points to consider:  

As explained above, hospitalization can be really expensive in Singapore. This is why it’s mandatory to have a policy including an annual limit high enough to cover you whatever happens.

According to your needs, you might choose to cover traditional medicine (GP and Specialists). With the contrast between hot and humid climate in the outdoor and air conditioning indoor, it’s quite common to be sick during your first days in Singapore. Be covered for GP consultations is a plus on your coverage!

You will probably benefit from Singapore’s location to travel around South-east Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali… All these dream destinations are less than 2 hours flight away. It’s important that your insurance covers you for your holidays and weekends. A repatriation and medical evacuation coverage is essential if you want to travel around in case of medical emergency.

Verify the coverage zone of your contract to avoid any bad surprises when you travel around.

What insurance choose and how to subscribe?

There are insurance catered to travels and young expats. If you’re from Europe, this is what Chapka offers with its contract for Work Holiday Pass holders or exchange programs.

Internship insurance with Chapka : Cap Working Holiday

Chapka offers you an insurance with an annual limit of 4,000,000€ for hospitalization. You’re also 100% covered for any visits to your GP related to a disease. To up it up, all your travels in Asia are covered.

You can subscribe directly through this link

You have all the information you need to choose the health insurance you need. Pack your bags and enjoy your stay in Singapore!

However, if you are still looking for an internship position in Singapore, we are currently recruiting in Marketing  as well as IT department.

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