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Orthodontics in Singapore: how does it work?

27 Aug 2018

A winning smile will probably bring up your self-confidence and appearance, but that’s not all! Orthodontics has aesthetics goals, but also medical purposes, through a better dental health.


What is the purpose of orthodontics?

Orthodontics solves dental problems such as crowding, overjet or protruding upper teeth, deep overbite, open bite, spacing, crossbite, underbite or lower jaw protrusion.

A correct alignment will prevent teeth and jaw discomforts and will make cleaning easier.


Who can have braces?

Braces are recommended for teenagers, but children and adults can also have them!


What are the different braces ?

You can find 4 main types of braces: metal, ceramic, lingual and Invisalign.

All of them have pros and cons:

Metal bracescheaper,
provides a fast alignment of teeths
Ceramic bracestransparent,
looks better than metal
more fragile,
more expensive than metal
Lingual bracesinvisible because it is behind the teethexpensive,
can be uncomfortable
not possible for all the teeth problems

How much does orthodontics cost?

Cost of orthodontics is very variable. It depends on many factors such as:


The Ministry of Health proposes an average price for both public and private establishments :

 Average fees for Orthodontics
Public Institutions$3,000 - $4,870
Private Dental Clinic$2,000 - $10,700



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