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Giving meaning to our brand and placing the human being at the center of our services again

26 Feb 2019

By Grégoire Rastoul, co-founder and CEO


New technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, all these evolutions are today formidable tools in our everyday life and in the development of our companies. But hasn’t it become a bit excessive, stifling, sometimes even mindless? Have we not lost the primary meaning of progress? Help the human, give him more information, facilitate his daily life, be human centric. This is what we are striving to do at UEX.


Let’s keep things simple to rediscover our values

Thanks to unlimited computing power and massively available data, machine learning and artificial intelligence can now predict almost anything.
How you will drive or eat, where you will live in the next few years, whether you will have cancer or not…

The prediction of human behavior by data transforms our businesses. And companies are jumping into this big sea full of data without always knowing why.

Yet, in this context, people become aware of the absurdity of a model that enslaves and debilitates them. This awareness is expressed by a desire to better understand and to regain control of our own life and choices. We also want to follow a philosophy of life in line with our fundamental values. Perhaps we forgot them while buying our tablets and our smartphones?

Let’s stop taking the client for a fool. By lying to him, we do also insult ourselves.

Let’s go back to simple things and stop complicating for business reasons. I think that we can still make a living without manipulating the human being.


Returning to reality and to a human centric approach seems now evident

What role do we play in people’s lives and how can we preserve an ethical sense in a world of complete technological transformation? This should be part of every company’s KPIs.

If I do not really like the buzz around the “tech for good” movement, it is certain that if this represents a threat, it is also an incredible opportunity. The opportunity to propose a different model where the human being concentrates his time around things that are essential to him. To offer access to information and to allow the client to understand, without telling him that we know his needs better than he does.

I wish to give back the ability of making informed decisions, using digital. We must offer the tools allowing everyone to be responsible in the way they use a service or product.

Let’s not wait for the regulator to force us to take the step.


Let’s respect the human being and do our work in an ethical way

Health insurers do not really have the image of human centric professionals. Yet, they are the ones who facilitate access to care.

For years, we have complicated something simple into stacks of paper incomprehensible to most of us. All that by justifying the role of a technical intermediary being the only objective. But these intermediaries could provide so much more to their customers.


One of UEX’s leitmotifs is “CARE IS THE NEW GROWTH HACKING”

Our growth will always lie in the importance we take in caring for our members – being human centric. Before selling, we want you to understand how health works in the country or city you live in. It is important for you to know the prices of the consultations and the medical care you will need. We want to give you the ability to calculate your budget and the actual risks you might incur before consulting an insurance offer.


UEX is you

If we created UEX, it’s much more than for being the first online health insurance distributor for expats and SMEs. Like you, we are expats, entrepreneurs, parents, children, athletes, travel enthusiasts. And we say stop to lies and blahs.

Let’s not forget that in the end, our computers and smartphones are only great tools for you and us to be in direct contact.




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