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UEXPress: We Are Caring, an ethical and smart employment agency

07 Mar 2019

UEXPress gives a voice to inspiring expats who share their ideas, their projects, their passions. We want to learn more about what drives them and understand how they put their projects alive.

Today, UEXPress meets David Bensadon, founder of We Are Caring.



We Are Caring, “hiring helpers in an ethical and smart way”

While arriving in Singapore and discovering the long queues in front of the recruiting agencies offices for helpers, David realized that there were things to be done in this area. How to improve a well established system in Singapore? This is the challenge he has set for We Are Caring, making possible to hire helpers in an ethical and practical way.

The three major principles of We Are Caring are: the helpers are hired without having to get into debt, the search for helper by the families becomes pleasant and faster, and this quality service is provided throughout the whole duration of the contract.


A fast growing company

David first created We Are Caring alone in a co-working space, with his phone in hand to capture the videos of the first helpers he was going to be working with. When we go to see them 3 years later, they are 7 in the office, coming from all around the world and have left the co-working space for a nice shop house on Killiney Road.

Being in the Top 20 of the agencies in Singapore, his company faces organizational challenges. He attracts young talents in the company’s development through its passion-project and by more conventional means, such as a good health coverage! This is how he told us that offering health insurance to his employees is for him a major argument for hiring!


If you have not heard of We Are Caring yet, be aware because the word is spreading, it is by Word-of-Mouth that we get to know them and by the community WelcomeSG, a startup group offering services to expats in Singapore.

If you want to know more about it, you can find them on and on !


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