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8 tips from our expat women to have fun, to relax and to enjoy Singapore!

08 Mar 2019

Hello Ladies!!

UEX wishes you a wonderful International Women’s Day!!!

… we can all agree that Women’s Day should be every day but the 8th of March has been decided to be a special occasion to celebrate women all over the world 😉

Did you know ? UEX’s team is 80% female!

For this special occasion, our UEX ladies share with you their best tips to have fun, to relax and to enjoy Singapore!


Marion knows how to find organic and local vegetables and fruits!

As a big fan of vegetables and fruits, after a few months in Singapore I was really missing fresh and local products. I was not satisfied with the taste and the environmental impact of some vegetables that you can find here at fair price for example. I did some research and found Shiok Farm. Created in 2015 in Singapore by Claire, Shiok Farm provides a bag of 3kg or 5 kg of organic and regional grown vegetables and fruits, once a week and at an affordable price! I really recommend you to have a look at their website for more info about how it works! And the team is super nice!”


Miriams best place to go for a breath is the MacRichie Reservoir!

Having only recently moved to Singapore, I am completely in love with the MacRitchie Reservoir! With its 12 hectares, it makes a great destination for a Sunday hike and is the perfect place to go for a run, breath the clean air, enjoy nature, watch monkeys and birds, … A must-do!”


Florie recommends a thai cuisine lessons!

For a fun and gourmet day, I love going at Ka-Thais place. This french woman lived in Bangkok where she took a lot of cooking lessons and became a master in Thai cuisine! While cooking she gives us a lot of advice on how to use and where to find the ingredients and kitchenware needed for the recipe. And we finish the morning enjoying the food we just cooked and having a lot of fun while she tells us her crazy stories about her experiences in India, in Thailand, in Singapore…!”


Lucille tells us all about her favorite natural park and what to do there!

“As I explore the natural parks here in Singapore for more than 2 years, what I really love the most is Pulau Ubin. It is a separate island located northeast of Singapore. My friends and I rented bikes and cycled there which is the best part, away from all the buildings and establishments in the mainland. At first, we tried to follow the advance trail which was an adventure for us. And eventually we wanted to go faster and cycled in the main trail which is way easier. Make sure that your phone is fully charged and bring a power bank if you need to, in order to capture the scenic ponds, paths and quarries there.”


Margot enjoys a good glass of wine with Pop up Wine!

As a French person I love good wine, that’s why I recently discovered Pop Up Wine, the founder is Isadora Noble, she’s Australian. It’s a start-up that imports wine and delivers at home, which is very convenient when you do not have enough time to buy it in store. They have a very nice range of wine at really good prices and they even do wine tasting events! “


Estelle shares with us her best spot to chill with a great view of Singapore!

“After spending 6 years in Singapore, one of my favorite spot is the top of Marina Barrage in the late afternoon or evening: First you can enjoy a walk in Garden by the Bay, eat a great satay at Satay by the Bay or go directly on the top of the barrage, bring your own picnic and then spend hours chilling on the grass watching the colorful kites, the great view on CBD and the stunning Singapore Flyer.”


Lois loves exploring cuisine, from Asian tastes to french pastries with Le Petit Croissant!

“I love to explore SE Asia cuisines this city has to offer. A couple of my personal favours are JB Ah Meng for a local Malaysian feast, Chilli pad for a authentic Peranakan taste. However, if you are a fan of French pastries like me, check out the newly launched Le Petit Croissant. It is founded by a bright young French lady, it delivers freshly baked buttery and flaky goodness to your door or office that guaranteed to brighten your day!”


Alizée tells us everything about her favorite neighborhood: Joo Chiat!

I love walking around Joo Chiat Road over the weekend. It’s for me a good marriage between the western and the asian culture, a real vibrant atmosphere. It consists of lovely shophouses & the famous Peranakan houses to remind the history of Singapore. I have some of my favorite places there, the Cheese shop, a real fromagerie when I am home sick, the Braseiro restaurant for good French food, the Cat Socrates shop if you are looking for some home decoration without forgetting having a kopi coffee just around the corner to name few!”


Now you know more about our team, and you have our good tips for the Women’s Day 😊!


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