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UEXPress: WellteQ, using technology to improve health and benefit to business

02 Apr 2019

UEXPress gives a voice to inspiring expats who share their ideas, their projects, their passions. We want to learn more about what drives them and understand how they put their projects alive.

This month, UEXPress meets Scott Montgomery, founding CEO of WellteQ



From New Zealand to Singapore, Scott built a health program for employees

Arrived in Singapore 5 years ago, Scott has already co-founded a successful company, WellteQ.

The idea of WellteQ came up from an existing business that this New Zealander had previously built in Australia. Supporting companies with injury prevention program, health assessment, weight loss challenges… they built health programs for people that were not necessarily motivated by health but needed to lose extra kilos, sleep better or protect themselves against injuries in the workplace.


Wellness technology to serve health and business

When he arrived in Singapore, Scott decided to stop face to face programs. He wrapt up some technology around his methodology to gain more impact for employees around the world.

Today WellteQ is a technology platform, mobile centric, that empowers and educates people towards healthy lifestyle by using gamifications, individual and group challenges, awards and rewards…


In this interview, Scott tells us more about the methodology of wellness technology. Also, he explains the benefits for the users and for the companies using it.

Scott believes in the impact of employees’ care and wellness technology for a better relationship between employee and employer. He also states the impact on risks reduction, career improvement opportunities, and a healthier life and business.

If you want to know more about WellteQ go to !



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