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3 tips for a successful corporate health insurance renewal

23 May 2019

You just received a renewal notice from your insurance agent? It’s time to renew! However, you usually receive the notice between 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time, so you might not work on it right away.

Corporate health insurance renewal is the perfect time to check whether your current insurance coverage is optimized. Be sure that your team is happy with the coverage and service! Insurance contracts are issued on an annual basis and renewal is the time when you can improve or adjust your cover.

This article explains the major points to check when it comes to renewal:



Know your expiry date

Corporate health insurance renewal takes time if you need to renegotiate parts of your coverage. Make sure you have the expiry date in mind, so you won’t have any interruption for your team’s coverage. As renegotiation often takes time, especially with back and forth quotations, you have to keep in mind the time needed to collect team feedback and staff details prior to the negotiation.

Ideally you should start the feedback session with your staff as soon as you receive the renewal notice. This can take time, but it is essential to know what you need to improve or adjust in terms of coverage.

Our tip: Start preparing for renewal at least 4 weeks before your policy expires.


At UEX, our SME platform displays real time premium based on the coverage your select, so there will be no time wasted for back and forth quotations. In addition, the platform handles staff movement as well as invoicing in real time.

With UEX, you can say goodbye to the traditional Group insurance process and welcome to UEX’s paperless one!


Coverage and Services

As mentioned, insurance contracts are done on an annual basis. If the coverage is not optimized, you are ‘stuck’ with it for at least one year. Revisit your HR policy to understand the goal of providing an insurance coverage to your team. This might be to focus on your team’s happiness, by offering various coverages, or to cover them properly,by offering a sufficient inpatient coverage.


Whatever the goal may be, it is still important to check with your team if they have any feedback on:

  1. Coverage

    Does it meet your teams needs? Has it been used in the past year? If so, are the limits still appropriate to meet the teams needs? If face to face meetings for feedback are difficult, conduct an online survey. Also, claim history is part of your renewal document. Check for the usage! This will give you an idea of the areas of coverage that are most used by your team.

  2. Services

    Are they happy with the services provided? How long did it take for the claims to be processed? Are all claims been reimbursed? Is the claim process straightforward? Often claims are about the process, make sure your team understands  the claim process is the key.


At UEX, we host a presentation every year with your team at renewal time to make sure everyone understands how they are covered. This also reminds your team how the claim process works.



You can expect a premium increase from year to year. The actual increase depends on the following factors:

UEX offers SME products that are not linked to claim history. Those premiums are determined by the age and size of your team. Therefore, prices are more stable than when the products are tied to claim history, as the premium does not vary based on the prior year’s claim experience.


Now that you know the best practices for your corporate health insurance renewal, you might want to check if your coverage is optimized? Reach out to UEX for advice, or visit for real time customisation for your team.

If you want to learn more about how to optimize and budget your corporate health insurance, check out our dedicated article.


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To understand how your employees health insurance plans cover their healthcare, costs and how you can cover your business, feel free to contact the UEX team by email or by phone. We will provide you with more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, you can obtain a quote for your employees health insurance contract or your business insurance customized to your needs and requirements – all in less than a minute!

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