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UEXPress: Maison Kayser and its employee management challenges

10 Jul 2019

UEXPress gives voice to inspiring expats who share their ideas, their projects, their passions. We want to learn more about what drives them and understand how they put their projects alive.

This month, UEXPress met with Julien Troch, General Manager of Maison Kayser in Singapore.

Between tradition and modernity, let’s have a look at the stoves of the famous Maison Kayser and discover the fascinating story of this “bakentrepreneur”.


How does he adapt and work with the expansion of a foreign company in Singapore? And what are the everyday challenge?

Find out all in our UEXPress video!


Who is Julien and what is Maison Kayser?


Julien Troch has been in Singapore for 2 years now. Before that, he worked for Eric Kayser himself and Maison Kayser in France for 6 years. Julien brings his know-how, his knowledge and his energy to the development of the famous Maison Kayser in Singapore.

“The opportunity for this Singaporean challenge came up, so I decided to take my family with me and move to Singapore to start a new experience.”


Maison Kayser is a famous French bakery. Bakery is a family thing among the Kayser’s. Born into a bakery family, the founder, Eric Kayser, is a baker’s son and grandson. Mr. Kayser has always loved this noble profession. His goal was to be able to make bread and travel at the same time. To travel the world to learn and transmit new artisan bakery techniques.

Find in this video the beautiful and inspiring story of Maison Kayser. As well as the main challenges of the Singaporean management linked to a high turnover of the employees.



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