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Who are the right medical professionals for my newborn’s health?

09 Oct 2019

Your baby is in your loving arms? Congratulations!  You surely cherish your baby more than anything, and will do everything to protect him/her. To do so, you want to choose the right medical professionals  to take care of your little baby’s health. Which General Practitioner (GP) or Pediatrician will take the best care of your newborn?

Your little family is just starting to bloom in Singapore. At UEX, we aim to give you all necessary information so that you would be sure that your child would be in good health. Are General Practitioners (GP) and Specialist Practitioner (SP) consultations covered by my insurance? How can I pay them? Where do I get my newborn vaccinated? This is the kind of question we will reply to in this article! Discover our lists of medical professionals that speak your language and the ones that are in the area where you live.

However, please note that the following lists of doctors are non-exhaustive and that we referenced some of them but we are not responsible for the quality service they will provide. 


International General Practitioners (GP) in Singapore for your child

If you are looking for a French or English speaking GP in Singapore, the International Medical Clinic (IMC) provides doctors speaking different languages!

Are you looking for a GP near your area? GP Near Serangoon, Orchard, Geylang, Toa Payoh… To help you identify the GP near your place, discover our map!

If you can’t find a GP for your location, check our GP Panel list! You will also find more information about the GP clinics listed above.


Your child’s insurance coverage for GP with UEX

With UEX, you can get your health insurance plan from AXA and APRIL. 

If you’re insured by an AXA plan through UEX and you go to any GP inside AXA panel, regardless of your base plan, you’ll only have to show your insuree card to enjoy cashless facilities: you won’t have to pay the fees for your baby’s consultations or medication. 

For any claim following a coverage from AXA, you can get all your answers here.


If you subscribed to an APRIL insurance coverage,

Any question about APRIL claim process? Here are your answers! 


Specialist Practitioners (SP) and Pediatricians

Your baby needs a more specific medical professional and you are looking for the best specialized doctor to take care of your child? We got your back! Talking about health issues in foreign languages could be a big challenge, and you want to make sure that the doctor understands your baby’s needs entirely? In order to help you, we have prepared the lists of Specialist Practitioners speaking your language!

Still looking for a SP for your baby? You can also have a look at our Specialist Practitioners panel.


Your baby’s specialist health coverage with UEX

If you are a UEX client and are covered by AXA, it is simple! You’ll only have to show your insuree card to enjoy cashless services (consultation, medications, laboratory and necessary diagnostic tests).

If you’re insured by an AXA plan with UEX :

If you have subscribed to an APRIL plan with UEX:


Newborn immunisation: where should my baby get vaccinations?

You can go to either a private or public hospital. Prices for immunisations in private hospitals will be higher than in public ones, as the consultation fees are higher. The KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, located near Little India, is a well-known private hospital specialized in women’s and children’s healthcare.

As for the vaccination fees, it is also important to understand that the price of a vaccination for your baby includes 3 things:

  1. The consultation fee
  2. The cost of the vaccine itself
  3. The cost of administering the vaccine

To give you more details about the prices, get all the information you need about the cost of vaccinations in Singapore in our article.


Your baby’s vaccinations coverage with UEX

For children’s vaccinations, UEX offers different coverage options from AXA and APRIL:

Vaccination coverage with UEX AXA

Vaccination coverage with UEX APRIL

We hope you now know who are the right medical professionals for your newborn’s health! It’s important to choose the professionals you can trust and easily communicate with, is it your baby’s General Practitioner, or Specialist Practitioners like dermatologists or pediatricians. That way you’ll be fully comfortable and could be sure that your baby is in good hands!

Not sure if your baby is covered enough? Discover our article on newborn coverages and how to make sure your baby gets covered from day-1!


To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand how your health insurance plans cover the healthcare costs, you can approach UEX’s happiness team by email for more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, get an instant quote  an AXA or APRIL health insurance contract customized to your needs and requirements – all in less than a minute!

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