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What Are the Vaccination Requirements for My Child’s Dependent Pass?

14 Oct 2019

Are you planning to move to Singapore with your lovely family?  In order to submit your request for your children’s long-term visa, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has some vaccination requirements for Dependent Pass.

Since February 2019, the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore has introduced diphtheria and measles vaccination requirements as a prerequisite for foreign-born children applying for Dependent Pass. 

UEX has gathered in this article everything you need to know about the vaccination requirements for your children’s Dependant Pass (DP) application. Discover step-by-step on how to submit a vaccination requirement documents, what to do if your kid is not due for required vaccinations yet or if he/she is unfit for immunisation, and what to do if your child has to be vaccinated in Singapore.


What are the steps to follow for your kid’s immunisation requirements submission for DP application?

If your child is 12 years old and below: 

  1. First you must apply for Verification of Vaccination Requirements. You have to download the Immunisation Registration Form and get a certified doctor to endorse your child’s immunisation details. 
  2. You have to submit the Immunisation Registration Form certified by a doctor and a copy of your child’s vaccination records or evidence of immunity (serology tests) for Diphtheria and Measles to the Health Promotion Board (HPB) through their eService website. The verification by the HPB is mandatory before you can proceed to your applications to MOM for Dependent Pass (DP).
  3. Upon submission of your child immunisation’s report and the supported documents needed, you will be charged S$35. These applications fees are non-refundable even if the application is rejected.

It is to be noted that You will need to have the HPB’s “Verification of Vaccination Requirements” document and your child’s travel document number for your long-term immigration pass application with the MOM. 

If your child is above 12 years old: 

You don’t need to submit vaccination records for HPB’s verification. You can proceed directly to MOM for application of long-term immigration pass.

Note that the validity period of the “Verification of Vaccination Requirements” document issued by the HPB to enter the Singaporean territory depends on your child’s age.

Child's Age (At the time of application)Validity Period
6 months old and below 3 months
6 months old to 18 months old 6 months
28 months old to below 10 years oldValid for period before child turns 10 years old
10 years old and above24 months


What if your child already have an immunisation record from your country of origin? 

For non-English documents, you must submit the original documents and an English translation. The HPB accepts the copies translated by the embassy of the document-issuing country. It also accepts privately translated copies attested by the embassy of the document-issuing country. 


What can you do if your child is not due for Diphtheria and Measles vaccinations yet?

If you know that your child has not his diphtheria and measles vaccinations done, you still need to submit the vaccination records through the Verification of Vaccination Requirements eService website. 

The HPB will decide, after verification, that your child could be exempted from vaccination or not. If that is the case, the “Verification of Vaccination Requirements” document will be issued for your Dependent Pass application with MOM. Once your child arrives in Singapore, you will be informed of the follow-up on required vaccinations. 


What if your child is medically unfit to vaccinations? 

If your child is exempted from the measles and Diphtheria vaccinations, you will have to get an exemption letter from a doctor. Then you have to submit this letter to the HPB through the Verification of Vaccination Requirements eService

The verification and approval of the letter of exemption will be done by the HPB. The exemption will only be accepted for valid medical reasons. 


What are the possible rejection reasons for your application for the Dependent Pass? 

According to the official MOM website, your child’s application for “Verification of Vaccination Requirements” to enter Singapore can be rejected if: 

Don’t forget to pay attention to this list before submitting your documents to avoid any rejection for your long-term pass application with the MOM. 


If you have to vaccinate your child for Diphtheria and/or measles in Singapore: 

As said before, Diphtheria and measles vaccinations are mandatory in Singapore. Diphtheria must be done at the age of 1and measles need to be done before 2 . 

The cost for the Diphtheria vaccine is around $70 and 40$ for Measles. 

Before getting your child vaccinated, you must take into account that the price will be composed of:

Some vaccines are also mandatory for entering primary school in Singapore: 

 For further information about these vaccines, their costs and the schedule of childhood vaccinations in Singapore read our article on this specific topic


What if your kid’s Dependent Pass has been approved, but some required vaccinations still need to be done once in Singapore? 

Routine vaccinations in your country of origin may be free. However, in Singapore, vaccines can be quite expensive. The cost will depend on different factors: if you get your child vaccinated in a public or private hospital, with a GP or a specialist etc. 

In order to cover the cost of your kid’s vaccination, upon arrival in Singapore, you can subscribe him/her to a health insurance contract with vaccination coverage. 

Most of the local policies don’t cover vaccinations. However, international health insurance plans usually do. Discover our specific article on the differences between local and international plans to get a better understanding on the topic . 

If you choose to subscribe to a health insurance with UEX, several options are available for your child’s immunisation :

With an APRIL’s International Plan:

In this case, your child’s vaccinations will be covered up to SGD 350/year with an outpatient coverage level 2 (Extensive), and up to SGD 550/ year with the coverage level 3 (Elite). However, with the level 1 (Essential), the vaccinations of your child will not be covered. Vaccination can be covered from the first day of subscription.

With an AXA’s  International Plan:

With AXA international plans, vaccinations will be covered up to SGD 900/year with Base plan 3, and up to SGD 1,800/year with Base plan 4. There will be 90 days waiting period to cover vaccination. However, vaccinations are not covered with AXA local plans Base 1, 2 or 2+. With April, Outpatient level 2 covers vaccination up to SGD 350/year and Outpatient level 3 covers vaccination up to SGD 550/year. There is no waiting period with April.



To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand how your health insurance plans cover the healthcare costs, you can approach UEX’s happiness team by email  for more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, you can obtain a quote for  both AXA and APRIL health insurance contract customized to your needs and requirements – all in less than a minute!


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