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How my insurance covers accident emergencies for my kid

15 Oct 2019

“Hello? Hello, yes, your son has broken his nose playing football at school. It’s pretty bad. ” Yeah… We all hope you, as a parent, will never have to take such a call. However, if that happens, we’ll give you all the necessary keys to react the best way to a case of emergency for your kid. Does your insurance cover such cases? What do they call “emergency”?

You may not know which hospital to choose and don’t want to take bad decisions in a hurry. We’ll give you all the information regarding the hospital choices and the cost of emergency. What are my cash benefits options? What’s the coverage limit? What is the claim process of an A&E (accident & emergency)? You’ll be fully prepared in case of an unfortunate accident.


First things first: What is considered an “emergency” for my insurance?

Emergency, emergency… But what is it exactly for my insurer? 

For AXA, an emergency treatment refers to an urgent treatment administered in order to avoid death or important consequences on long term health prospects of the insured. Of course, there are different types of emergency treatments. 

Example: We can only hope for the best for your kid, but let’s imagine your child had a dental accident. An outpatient dental emergency treatment due to an accident would then refer to any medically necessary dental emergency treatment by a dentist within 24 hours following the moment of the accident. The follow-up treatment refers to any treatments done by the same dentist up to 30 days after the date of the accident.

For APRIL, an emergency treatment refers to the treatment done within 48 hours following the accident requiring urgent medical or surgical intervention to avoid death or permanent damage to health. 


Which hospital should I choose in case of emergency for my kid? What would be the cost?

For sure, you want to make the best choices for you kid’s health. But if an accident happens, you may be under pressure and stressed! Which hospital should you choose? Private, public? What’s the difference? Well, here is an article we wrote to compare public and private hospitals in Singapore and to help you make your choice.

If an emergency would happen to your kid and he/she would need to be hospitalized, you may want to have a look at the cost of hospitalization in Singapore first. Here is an article we wrote with a comparison chart of the costs of hospitalization between private and public hospitals in Singapore. 


Case study: My son just broke his nose at school, it is really really bad. What are the steps to follow from choosing the hospital to claiming the insurance reimbursement?

Step 1
Check if your insurance covers you for private or public hospitals. If you’re covered for both, you can choose between private or public and this article may help you make your choice.

Step 2
Also check what type of hospital room your insurance covers you for! That way, no surprises.

Step 3
Go to the hospital you’ve chosen and inform them about your insurance, make sure to have your policy number. You may also inform your insurance about what just happened.

Step 4
If your kid isn’t admitted to the hospital and doesn’t need to stay in a hospital room, the amount reimbursed will depend on the coverage amount of the A&E department. If your kid is admitted to the hospital, the hospital will get in touch with your insurance and make a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) request that will be filled by both the hospital and the parents. 

From there, there are two cases depending on the time the kid will spend at the hospital.

Step 5
– If your kid is admitted to the hospital and doesn’t stay long, the LOG request can take some time as the hospital has to send a cost estimation to your insurance and your insurance has to hand on the LOG. If the LOG doesn’t arrive before your kid leaves the hospital, you’ll have to pay before. Just make sure to fill in your insurer’s document about inpatient claim form. When your kid gets discharged, you’ll have a discharge summary and you’ll be able to submit your reimbursement request!

– If your kid is admitted to the hospital and stays long enough, the LOG will have the time to be handed on and accepted, so there won’t be any fees to pay.


What are my insurance options in order to cover my kids in case of emergencies?

Be prepared! Cover your kid and make sure the annual limit is high enough to cover him/her if anything would happen. At UEX, we offer coverages from AXA and from APRIL.

We hope you’re now fully prepared in case of an unfortunate accident. Don’t forget that our advisors are fully available to answer your questions. If you’re covered by AXA and you have any questions regarding the claim process, you can find all your answers here. If you’re covered by APRIL, your answers will be there


To find out more about healthcare topics in Singapore you can check our articles. To understand how your health insurance plans cover the healthcare costs, you can approach UEX’s happiness team by email for more information and guidance – and the good news is that they are super nice!

With UEX, get an instant quote for an AXA or APRIL health insurance contract customized to your needs and requirements – all in less than a minute!

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