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What you need to know about Chinese New Year

28 Jan 2020

Today we share with you the article of Isabelle Larche from Timeo Performance in which she depicts the 3 do’s and don’ts business come the Chinese New Year. Thanks to her experience we are now able to give you different tips you need to know about this festive period.
If you like this article, you can find an Interview of Fabien Mailhe, co-founder of Timeo-Performance and expert in organization development.

For all the Chinese citizens, these days represent one of the most important period of the year. It changes the streets, making it brighter and joyful. This important season of migration is full of rituals and shows which focus on Chinese popular beliefs.
Luck and Fortune are the key words during the festivities, bringing success or misfortune depending on the participants behavior. The following rules are good to know if you are in an Asia country at the time.

What you certainly should do

1. Do not go to work
If you own a company, you should close it in order to start fresh for the new year. It will provides you luck and benefits.

2. Wear red clothes
In the Chinese beliefs, red represents joy and success for anyone is wearing it.

3. Make everything related to number 8
This number symbolize “prosperity”, “fortune” and “wealth”.

What you certainly should not do

1. Wear black clothes
In the Chinese culture, black represent “death” and is a very bad aspect for your future.

2. Avoid the number 4
Just like the black color, number 4 is significant of “death”. If you are in business skip it if you want to keep good relation with your clients.

3. Keep your place dirty
If you need to clean your apartment, store or any places, make it before the celebration. Indeed, traditional beliefs think that success and luck go away with dirt.

4. Do not offer gift(s)
Depending of the beliefs, offering some gifts can be misconceived :
Clocks or Sharps object can be interpreted as early death message. Books are related to the lost of luck in this time of the year.

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