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Coronavirus Evolution

30 Jan 2020

Coming from Wuhan city, the notorious Coronavirus did not stop its expansion. Today,the current count includes more than 10 000 infected and 215 deaths. It has become a real nightmare for every government and inhabitants, changing our town in ghost cities. Big measures have been taken from the United States and French authorities who decided to repatriate all their citizens. To ensure the health of its population, the Singaporean government has decided to take big decisions

The Ministry Of Health (MOH) give advice to take more precautions as possible to keep away the new virus from you and your family

– Those MOH and UEX tips are available on the last Coronavirus article published by UEX.

The Ministry Of Education (MOE) established new rules dedicated to Singaporean schools

– To prevent the spreading of the disease, students will not be accepted at school for 14 days. It has been named LOA and only affects students coming back from China. This measure has taken place since 15th January. The MOE decided to give individual free lessons at home for all students coming back from China.
– A reminder of all property rules has been sent to students and parents. Background of the last overseas vacations could be asked for families.
– Starting from the 29th January, daily temperature measurements of all students will be carried out

The Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) aims to make the work environment as healthy as possible in order to protect both employers and employees from the virus

– The first piece of advice is to keep employees away from China and to avoid business and personal trips. To further help prevent infection, employees should use video conferences to communicate with their overseas counterparts, rather than making a trip.
– Employers have to organize a medical check-up for employees who have taken trips to high-risk areas. Also, a health and travel declaration is necessary for everyone who goes to China.
– Employers have to check up the health statuses of each employee after they return by taking the employee’s temperature twice a day over the course of 14 days.

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