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August 16, 2017


Singapore healthcare prices...

... compared to some of our favorite things in the city of Merlion. Do you have an idea of the cost of an hospitalization here? You’ll be surprised...!

UEX Coffee Break with Adrien

We've bought his favorite coffee to Adrien, one of our new members. This entrepreneur and co-founder of (corporate secretary) lives in Singapore since 4 years. Thank you Adrien, we spent a lovely moment with you!

Parent testimonial: How to manage chickenpox in Singapore?

09 Jan 2020

Winter break is notorious for epidemics: gastroenteritis, flu, chickenpox, all of these are unavoidable. While most of them are not that serious, you should be more attentive if you are pregnant, immuno-compromised or if you have an infant at home. This is what Grégoire, CEO of UEX has experienced. He is the father of an […]

Vaccination in Singapore

03 Apr 2020

As an expatriate, vaccination in Singapore can quickly slip through our fingers. Are we going to travel or stay? Are all vaccinations recommended in Asia necessary or mandatory? What about my children? With vaccines at significant prices, Singapore still has expert polyclinics where you can get all your vaccinations. You will therefore find the price […]

Which Asian countries have the best healthcare ?

02 Apr 2020

Asian healthcare system is renowned worldwide for its quality, innovation, and prices. Driven by tourism and workers from all over the world, the area developed a booming industry thanks to cheap prices and facilities that attract visitors in need of a check-up or long term residents needing trustworthy practitioners. But which are the three Asian […]

Raffles Hospital opens its doors to you

27 Mar 2020

Raffles Hospital is located at 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770, in the Downtown Core district. This private health facility is open 24 hours a day, providing more than 21 specialist centres covering more than 53 specialties. To find out more about the healthcare system in Singapore, you can find a comprehensive list of both […]